Mangalitsa Pork

We purchased our first Mangalitsa pigs in 2013.  Since then our herd has grown steadily, thus enabling us to offer a constant and consistent supply of Mangalista pork, lard, and pork products to chefs restaurants and individuals. We love promoting the unique characteristics of the Mangalista breed and provide a premier quality pork product for our customers.


U.S. production of niche pork has been expanding in response to the growing demand for products with specific attributes. The Mangalista breed is rare and of Hungarian origin. It has an unusual growth of curly hair over its body, similar to sheep. The fleece can be black, red but mainly blonde and the Mangalista is the last pig in existence to have this unusual fleece. The breed was nearly extinct by the 1900s when fewer than 200 pigs remained in the world. Today, there are more than 8,000 breeding sows in Hungary producing 60,000 animals a year; yet still a small and limited breed. The Mangalista was first introduced into the U.S. in 2007. Since that time chefs and consumers alike have come to appreciate the unique taste and properties of the Mangalitsa pork and lard.

Mangalista was developed as a lard-type of hog verse most which are meat-type. It is known for its high-quality unsaturated fat and well marbled dark colored meat. Mangalista pork is healthier because it has 12-16% less saturated fat and 8-10% more unsaturated fast than other conventional breeds of hogs. This fat may be rendered to produce high-quality white lard which is highly desired for cooking and baking because of its lower melting point. Mangalista lard can be whipped like cream or cured and served in thin slices as a product referred to as ‘lardo.’

The ‘Kobe Beef’ of Pork

Mangalista pork has been dubbed the ‘Kobe beef’ of the pork world. The meat is very red in color and has also been called ‘the other red meat.’ Chefs have described Mangalista pork with terms such as robust, rich and buttery. Places like Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, UK and now the U.S. has been reviving this breed. Due to its unique characteristics and premiere quality, Mangalista pork has become more and more popular. At Boeckmann Family Farm, we are striving to meet the growing demand.