Our Story

We are the Boeckmann’s – Denise, Chris and our children Rae, Eric, Kristen, and Paul—and we raise poultry, Mangalista pork and South Poll cattle.   

Chris and Denise both graduated from the University of Missouri in 1987 and began to operate the farm Chris grew up on and now refer to as Boeckmann Family Farm. In the fall of 1987, we signed a contract with Cargill Inc. and built the facilities to raise turkeys. Our family raised turkeys under contract with Cargill for twenty five years. During that time, we also raised beef cattle.

About ten years ago, Chris was approached by an individual who was looking for a source of grass fed beef. So we increased the intensity of our grazing system and began to focus on the production of grass fed beef.  Additionally, we began to focus on what breed ofcattle performed best in our grazing system. Over the course of the next couple of years, we determined that the South Poll breed of cattle was best suited for our grass fed beef program. We were fortunate to locate a local producer who not only raised South Poll cattle, but also relied on a grass-based system without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. It was the perfect fit which allowed us to develop our current program of All Natural Grass-fed and Grass-finished beef without the use of any antibiotics or added hormones. As a result, all of our animals are from the same preferred South Poll genetics thereby producing a consistent, high quality product.   

Originally, our primary focus was selling whole, half, or quarter beefs directly to local individuals. While this still represents a large portion of our overall beef sales, we now sell individual cuts of steak, roasts and ground beef. We also offer further processed beef products such as beef jerky, snack sticks, bratwurst, summer sausage and all-beef hotdogs.  Our customer base has grown to include stores, restaurants and a home delivery service.   

Over time, the growth of our customer base led to inquiries about the availability of pork. Once we decided to offer pork to our customers we began to research which breed of pork we wanted raise. This process led to the discovery of the Mangalitsa breed of pigs which were imported to the United States for the first time in 2007.  Though the breed is very new to the US, it is the quality of the meat and the unique properties of the lard that led to our decision to raise Mangalitsa hogs. The meat is a very dark well-marbled while the lard is unsaturated thereby making it a healthier option. In order to offer a premium line of pork, we purchased our first Mangalitsa pigs in 2013. Since then our herd has grown dramatically and we are now able to provide a consistent supply of Mangalista pork, lard and pork products to chefs, restaurants and individuals.

Our poultry products consist of farm fresh broilers and eggs. Currently, the broilers are only produced from mid-spring to late fall. Likewise, our eggs are only available directly from the farm.