South Poll Beef

Originally, our primary focus was selling a whole, half, or quarter of beef directly to local individuals. While this still represents a large portion of our overall beef sales, we also now sell individual cuts of steak, roasts, and ground beef along with further processed beef products such as beef jerky, snack sticks, bratwurst, summer sausage, and all-beef hotdogs.

Grass-fed & All Natural

There are several reasons our customers choose to buy beef direct from our farm or from one of our retail outlets. Quality, flavor, tenderness and the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes are important to our customers. Our beef is produced as a grass-fed all natural line of products as a result of key management decisions and practices. Our cattle are rotated in a management intensive grazing system that allows them to graze a lush and nutritious mixture of grasses and clovers. This system results in reduced stress and improved herd health. We buy all of our calves directly from the farm of selected fellow producers that also utilize low stress, rotational grazing systems. This guarantees we are using the same genetics year after year to produce a consistent and high quality product. It also insures no antibiotics, added hormones or growth promotants are used throughout our production process. If an individual animal requires therapeutic treatment, the calf is treated and then removed from the program.

Why South Poll

Though there are many pieces to the puzzle in the process of producing a high quality all natural grass-fed beef product, we are confident that it is our cattle that truly sets us apart from other grass fed producers. Our herd consists of exclusively South Poll cattle. The South Poll breed was developed in the 1990’s by Teddy Gentry, a member of the legendary country music group Alabama. Teddy selected four different breeds in the process of designing the South Poll breed. His vision was to produce a breed of cattle that possessed heat tolerance, gentle disposition, ability to perform efficiently on forages and would ultimately produce a tender, well-marbled carcass. Red Angus and Hereford breed were selected for their mothering ability and carcass quality; Barzona for their ability a excel in rough terrain and efficient use of forages; and Senepol for their heat tolerance and slick hair coat.

Our experience with the process of producing all natural grass-fed beef has indicated that South Poll cattle are the breed best suited to consistently produce a premium quality product. Plus, since we only use South Poll cattle from a few selected producers with a production system and philosophy that mirrors ours, we are confident in the quality and consistency of our product.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of grass-fed beef has been researched extensively and is well documented. Grass-fed beef has a higher ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids to the Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have been linked to lower incidence of heart attacks and cancer. Grass-fed beef also has a higher content of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA has been proven to help with weight control and there are indications of reduced cancer and diabetes as a result of diets high in CLA.